Cancellation Insurance Vinotrip

Do you want to be reimbursed in case of unforeseen events (COVID, others)? We offer cancellation insurance to deal with unforeseen events that may occur before and during your stay, allowing you to get a refund for cancellation or interruption fees.

How to suscribe?

Whether you are the recipient of a gift stay or you are booking your weekend directly on our website, our customer service team will offer you the option to take advantage of cancellation insurance. The insurance rate is 5% of the price of the stay.

Summary of guarantees

Our cancellation insurance, designed by our partner MIMAT, offers a wide range of guarantees:

  • Cancellation for medical reasons: serious illness, including serious illness following an epidemic or pandemic declared within 30 days before departure - COVID, contact cases; pregnancy complications up to the 28th week.
  • Serious damage to your vehicle as well as accidents or breakdowns of your means of transport.
  • Deletion or modification of the date of your paid leave by your employer.
  • Urgent, unforeseeable, and non-deferrable summonses.
  • Carrier strikes.
  • etc...

There is no deductible, and you will be fully reimbursed, minus service fees and insurance premiums.

For more information:
- The insurance product information document can be accessed from this link: Cancellation Insurance - IPID
- Detailed information is available from this link: Cancellation Insurance – Information Notice

What to do in case of cancellation

We invite you, in the first instance, to inform our customer service of your withdrawal as soon as the event preventing your departure or interrupting your stay occurs.

You can then, online, from the insurer's platform, submit the compensation claim by providing the necessary supporting documents for the review of your case and track its progress, before obtaining the refund upon validation.