Without a doubt the magic of Champagne comes from the talent and expertise of its people. To compensate for the acidity of the grapes, struggling to ripen, a secondary fermentation in the bottle would be realised thus enhancing the mineral flavor due to the chalk on which the vine grows.
But the Champagne Winemaker is an alchemist, he blends grapes from various sources and different years in order to obtain exceptional vintages. Let the magic of Champagne bubbles enchant you.


Figures on the Champagne vineyard

Surface area : over 32,000 hectares

Production : 300 million bottles per year
Grape varieties : Chardonnay for finesse and freshness, Black Pinot or structure and Pinot Meunie for suppleness and fruit.

Outstanding Appellations :
- First Growth
: 44 parcels
- Great Growth
: 17 parcels representative of the best soils in terms of sub-soil, slope and aspect