South West France wine tours

Wine weekend in the South-West of France

Take the road of the wines in the South-West and have an authentic and unforgettable experience. You will discover a friendly region, with its passion for oenology, gastronomy and cultural heritage. In the South-West, the diversity of grape varieties meets the richness of the soil and the terroir. It is also a land where the man and the wine have been part of a same strong history for centuries. To fully understand the South-West and live it entirely, meet enthusiast wine-growers who will share their knowledge and make you visit their vineyards, enjoy a tasty poultry or the flavour of the truffle known as the “black diamond of Perigord” in the warm atmosphere of a welcoming restaurant, and enjoy unexpected cultural discoveries among breath-taking landscapes on the road to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle.


Discover the road of the wine in South-West France

The vineyards of South-West are not the most well-known, but they are worth it. The generous terroir combined to the clement and sunny weather of this region make it a perfect place for the grapevine to grow and produce delicious wines. Oenology lovers appreciate the South-West for the diversity and quality of its different wines. You switch from relatively flat landscapes, from Bergerac to Toulouse, to a rolling and mountainous countryside in the Massif Central or Basque Country.
South-West vine growing is under the influence of several climate and each one of them bring something that makes this region special. Summer is usually hot and dry, even during Fall, thanks to the wind of Autan. But some areas such as Aveyron or Basque Country can also endure hard winters. South-West is a wine-producing region, but vineyards stand alongside orchards, market gardening, corn and tobacco plantations, which show wonderful landscapes. Your oenological tour and stay will take you through numerous and fabulous wines, such as liquor-like wines in Monbazillac, red wines in Madiran or Cahors, or also effervescent wines in Gaillac.

Delightful wine-tasting experiences in the French South-West

Discovering the vineyards of the South-West is an intense oenological getaway. This area is the fertile ground for a lot of famous grape-varieties such as Malbec, Tannat, Manseng and Courbu. Travelling this region is the perfect way to realize it is composed of numerous amazing wines, and all have their distinctive characteristics.
You will find the liquor-like wines of Monbazillac near Bergerac, with their typical honey and crystalized fruits flavours, or the strong red wines of Madiran and Irouléguy in the piémont pyrénéen, to keep a few years in your cellar before opening for a great opportunity. Our oenological stay in the South-West are designed to enable you to discover the infinite potential of this region rooted in the wine-growing industry since Antiquity.

Wine tourism in the South-West of France

History, cultural heritage, wine-growing and oenology are mixed to shape the unique atmosphere of the South-West. There was grapevine there since Antiquity, but it was during Middle Ages that several monk communities settled more modern and organized vineyards. Madiran and Bergerac were made famous thanks to Benedictine priory, Irouléguy was created by monks from Ronceveaux. Your wine tour and stay in the South-West will enable you to discover the generous gastronomy and delicious wines of this region. Either you choose a poultry, foie gras, typical cow’s or goat’s cheese, you will not be disappointed.

At Vinotrip, our passion for oenology encourage us to meet independent wine-growers, enthusiast hosts and restaurant owners who are always willing to share their love for wine, gastronomy and French culture. We select our collaborators for the quality of their services and because they wish to make you discover the region they are proud to belong to. You will fully appreciate and enjoy your wine tour and stay thanks to their capacity to share everything that make the everyday life authentic and charming. That’s why we do our best to cooperate with people who will make you love the South-West as well as them.