Vineyard excursions in France

Discover tours along the Wine Routes of France

Our teams are experts when it comes to the Wine Routes, whether travelling through Alsace, Languedoc-Roussillon, the Loire Valley, Burgundy or Bordeaux; we have all it takes to put together an exclusive, made-to-measure itinerary. From day trips to vineyards to short stays, these wine tours will take you on a culturally rich, gastronomically sensational journey to the heart of France's wine country.


Tours where culture meets viticulture and wine-tasting

You won't just discover wines as you explore the vineyards! Follow wine trails that snake through stunning landscapes, where the beauty of France's cultural heritage is matched only by its natural resources. Visit museums, historic cities and delve into the past of medieval villages. Learn about centuries-old cultural practices, visit PDO wine-producing estates and learn about local wine-producing traditions. The rolling hills of Burgundy, as well as the cellars and 'Maisons du Vin' in Champagne were classified by UNESCO in 2015 - further proof of the cultural pedigree found in France's vineyards.

Sightseeing tours to vineyards

Whether on a day trip or a longer holiday, visit our wine-producing partners for a tasting and to learn more about a trade that fuels their passion. From meeting those who work in the industry to tasting different vintages, we can advise you on the best vineyards, the most popular tourist destinations, as well as quieter, more intimate places to visit.