• Château de Raissac - Béziers - France

Château de Raissac

Route de Murviel, 34500 Béziers

  • Stay at the Château de Raissac

    Since 1828, the Château de Raissac has been proudly passed down from generation to generation within the Viennet family. The splendid neoclassical building has been regularly renovated for more than 25 years with passion and creativity.

    Today, it is Gustave Viennet and his wife, Marie, who give you a warm welcome into the five guest rooms in the property, each one overlooking the land and each one with its own particular style. Old-fashioned furniture, artistic paintings and various trinkets make them unique and intimate environments. Jean Viennet, a painter, and his wife Christine, an internationally renowned ceramicist, have successfully given the Château de Raissac a very particular spirit. Breakfasts are served in the gardens, in the shadow of the centennial trees, sheltered away under the bamboo groves, or in a small dining room dating back to the 18th century.

    Jean Viennet and his son, Gustave, have now taken over the reins on the tradition of winemaking and hospitality at the Château de Raissac. They undertake this passion with the ambition of not only managing a vast vineyard, but also of making great wines.

    Stay at the Château de Raissac
  • The wines of the estate

    The wines of the estate come from 11 different grape varieties and are exported and enjoyed the world over: in China, Belgium, Lithuania, Japan... There is a level of savoir-faire which is carried over from generation to generation and which is now kept alive by Gustave Viennet and his wife Marie, who combine the traditions of their ancestors with creativity and modern techniques. With hints of cassis, raspberry and subtle spices, the scrubland is never far away on this 80 hectare family estate.

  • Wine activities at the property

    Marie and Gustave allow you to discover the Château’s wine cellars and the aging cellar dug into limestone rock, and give you the chance to try the wines of the estate in the cellar itself. Furthermore, they offer exhibitions of paintings in the very heart of the wine cellars, gastronomic tastings for the most gourmand, and themed visits.