Wine cellar tour

During a wine stay, that’s difficult to miss cellar tours! Whether it is simply to have a look or taste wine, wine cellars exude charm and authenticity of yesteryear. On the French “route des vins”, make a stop at a winemaker house where will visit the underground wine cellars that seem to make you travel in time to discover this famous beverage!

Wine cellar tour

Visit wine cellars in Burgundy

In Burgundy, many wine cellars were dug into the limestone. Burgundy hills covering the valleys have created the wine cellars close to the most exclusive appellations, such as Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes-de-Nuits for example.

Alsace wine cellar tours

In Alsace, the authentic wine cellars are along the wine road. Located in the wine villages, they are rarely in the vineyards as in other wine regions of France.

Visit wine cellars in the Bordeaux vineyard

The cellar tours in the Bordeaux vineyard is an awesome experience, very different from other regions because it offers accommodation facilities suitable for the growing tourist demand.

Champagne cellar tours

If you have the opportunity to visit a Champagne cellar, make a stop at Pommery or Moët & Chandon amont the most famous “Maisons de Champagne”. Pommery cellars stand out for their originality and its modern art exhibition. The limestone cellars at Moët & Chandon extend over 28 kilometers (the largest in the region). Endless galleries, white walls, countless bottles : you are in one of the most prestigious Champagne cellars.

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