France has once again become the 1st global producer of wine

In 2014, France regained its rank of 1st global producer of wine, before Italy and within the global context of a reduction in global production of about 6%, due to unfavourable climatic conditions.
After two very difficult years, the 2014 harvest reaches the 46,1 million hectolitres, so an increase of 10% compared to the previous year. A figure that places France ahead of global wine production, before Italy (-15% with 44,4 million hectolitres) and Spain (-19% with 37 million), its two main adversaries.
The United States, 4th global producer, maintains its production at 22 million hectolitres, irrespective of the drought in California.
In the Southern hemisphere, the decrease in Chilean production (9th global ranking) is marked: -22%, even though the country has seen constant growth since 2010.
Against all expectations, Germany’s production is on the increase (+16%), and is 10th in the global ranking.
, however, is showing a slight decrease (+2% with 12,6 million hectolitres), whereas its neighbour, New Zealand (13th global ranking), is pursuing its grand progression, with an increase of 29% compared to 2013, with 3,2 million hectolitres, allowing it to export to Australia.
In 2013, China, 7th global ranking, had produced 11,7 million hectolitres (on 600 000 hectares of vineyards). This year, however, no figures have been released.
Global consumption for this year 2014-2015 is expected to reach 243 million hectolitres. The 2014 production should therefore cover all needs.

Photo by Andreas Fickl on Unsplash

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