About us

VINOTRIP, it's not a box

If the box that is offered to you ends up outdated in the bottom of a drawer, you will, on the other hand, be excited at the thought off getting away for a weekend with VINOTRIP. Our offers are not a mere accumulation of services, we have developed, in collaboration with our partners, activities and exclusive advantages. All the little details that make the difference. We present them to you as a package because a successful vacation is a vacation that resembles you, it can be personalized according to your wish.

VINOTRIP  takes you on familiar ground

We are pursuing a double objective: to improve the appeal of France abroad and to contribute to the promotion of its lifestyle, but equally for the (re)discovery of France for the French. Achieving this supposes a thorough knowledge of the vineyards and constant investment in the substance of our offers. Our consultants are selected, by vineyard, for their expertise and they can advise you in organizing your stay. Trust them !

VINOTRIP is committed to rational wine tourisme

There is a danger that winemakers, innkeepers and restaurant owners will eventually suffocate due to the pressure of costs , for us this means VINOTRIP would be just an empty body. Also, we strive to develop real and lasting partnerships, because the development of wine tourism can only move forward if there is a quest for harmonie.