Wine lessons

Tastings in wine estates

Learn the art of wine-tasting and perfect your knowledge and understanding of wine by taking part in oenological lessons, experiencing different wine-growing areas of France. Your senses will be awakened, so you can learn to appreciate the qualities and aromas of each wine. Combining theory and practice, the lessons guarantee a serious approach to wine and will allow you to fully experience a true exchange and sharing of ideas for around two hours, all in the company of passionate wine growers. Whether taking part yourself or offered as a gift you are sure to enjoy yourself or give enjoyment!


Visits and tastings at the vineyard

There are several methods to learn about wine these days: online lessons, textbooks, and specialised guides... That said, nothing can equal direct experience in the field, accompanied by a specialist wine expert, in his or her own vineyard. Through total immersion in the vineyard, you will learn everything about wine, wine-making and tasting secrets. You will have the opportunity to make your own wine, to discover new combinations of food and wine, to visit the wine region and the growing areas (vines, wineries, ...).

Certain wine-makers suggest that you even take part in the grape picking and of course, taste the result of your work!  Everything is put in place to guarantee you a unique experience in the winery, with carefully chosen producers, ready to welcome you and share their knowledge.

Wine lessonsWine tasting in wine growinf estates

Wine workshops for all tastes

We offer different wine knowledge lessons, directly at the cellar or Chateau. Each wine workshop has its specialism, depending on the wine produced there.

Introductory wine tasting is a perfect first step in wine appreciation. This total immersion allows you to discover, in detail, the different stages of tasting, and answers all your wine-related questions, so that wine no longer holds any mystery for you. By familiarising yourself with wine-tasting vocabulary, you will at last be able to find the ideal words to describe the finest wines and above all to explain your impressions when tasting.

Blending workshop (in Bordeaux and Champagne) will allow you, after a half-day, to become a real oenologist. Blending consists of mixing different grape varieties, so as to create rich and complete wines, for the enjoyment of everyone. Wine mixing plays a fundamental role in blending: it allows the creation of singular wines, unique blends. You will learn to recognise grape varieties, to describe them, and most importantly to create, and leave with, a bottle of your own blend!

You will also have the opportunity to work with the vines and experience disgorgement at the Roger Coulon winery. At Chateau Soutard and Chateau du Taillan, the “Sensory trail” and the “Keys to the cellar”, unique activities of their kind, hold many surprises... Enjoy tours and tastings mostly accompanied by a cheese and cold meat selection, or by other delicacies which you will certainly love. Many other wineries among our partners are waiting for you, we will leave you to discover and choose those which best correspond to your tastes.