Château Soutard tour

Visit and wine-tasting at Saint-Emilion

Half-day 85 €/pers.

Château Soutard tour

  • Discover a Château that was awarded a prize by the Revue du Vin de France 2016
  • Absorb the charm of the Saint-Emilion soil
  • Enjoy wine tasting served with carefully selected dishes
  • With friendsWith friends
  • GastronomyGastronomy

Wine activities

  • Take part in a wine activity at Château Soutard

    Located in the heart of the Saint-Emilion plateau, discover the Château Soutard, a listed great wine, that was awarded the “2016 wine tourism prize” by the Revue du Vin de France.

    The “Trail of the Senses” Privilege Workshop contains a discovery of aromatic plants, a blind tasting of two wines, a young and an old vintage and matching dishes and wines workshop centred on duck.

    The Château Soutard invites you to a private workshop called “Trail of the Senses”. This workshop begins with an introduction to the history of the vineyards of Bordeaux, Saint-Emilion and the estate. The visit then continues through the Château’s vineyards where you will grasp the principles of wine growing as they are explained to you: grape varieties, soils, methods...
    In the second part of the visit, you will develop your palate and your gustative sensitivity as you discover aromatic plants in preparation for wine tasting. Next, you will be able to visit the fermentation room and the wine storehouse, while you take advantage of explanations on the wine-making process and an aromatic trail with the help of an aroma-based game. To end the visit, there will be a blind wine tasting session centred on two vintages, a young one and an old vintage, to test your new found knowledge! Once you have compared these two wines, you will be offered a Matching Dishes and Wines workshop centred on duck and adapted to three duck preparations (dried duck breast, rillettes, and sausage). Your guide will help you to determine the best wine and dish combinations.

    Duration: 2h/2h15, 85€/person, private visit

Châteaux and wine estates

  • Château Soutard - Saint-Emilion

    The Soutard Chateau is a 22-hectare estate that is classified as “Grand Cru” located near Saint-Emilion. It has been in operation since the 17th century. It is currently managed by Mr Bertrand...

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