Tasting renowned Anjou wines

Tasting renowned Anjou wines

2 days | 1 night 575 €/pers.

Anjou wine-tasting weekend

  • Winemaking journey created by Olivier Poussier, World Champion Sommelier in 2000
  • Meet passionate wine makers
  • CouplesCouples
  • With friendsWith friends
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Your wine trip program

  • Stay in Anjou at the Château Soucherie

    Day 1 - Arrival in Anjou

    Upon arrival in Anjou, you will be met at the Château Soucherie in Beaulieu-sur-Layon.

    Make yourself at home in the comfortable accommodation, surrounded by vineyards and overlooking the Layon Valley.

  • Tasting session featuring the Savennières appellation

    Day 1 - Tasting session featuring the Savennières appellation

    During the afternoon, meet Roger-François Béguinot, owner of the Château Soucherie.

    You will visit the property, the vineyard and the winery. The visit continues with a tasting session featuring the different wines grown on the property: Anjou Village, Coteaux du Layon, Chaume, Savennières Clos des Perrières, etc.

    In the evening, dine at the Michelin-starred restaurant, Le Favre d'Anne at Angers.

    Return to the Château Soucherie for an overnight stay.

  • Thierry Germain, a renowned producer of Saumur-Champigny wine

    Day 2 - Discovering the Saumur-Champigny appellation

    Breakfast in the Château Soucherie

    Spend a delightful morning wandering through the vineyards, exploring the region along the River Layon towards the village of Varrains. Your next stop is at the Domaine des Roches Neuves to meet Thierry Germain, a renowned producer of Saumur-Champigny wine, with whom you’ll enjoy a stroll through the vineyard and have the chance to help with cultivating the wines and experience an introduction to biodynamics.
    In case of unavailability of this activity, you will taste the famous wines from the Coulée de Serrand vineyard!

    Conclude your morning by heading towards the village of Thoureil, where you’ll enjoy a meal cooked by Marie, chef at the “Route du Sel” restaurant in a peaceful, rural setting, accompanied by a tasting session on the riverside terraces, overlooking the Loire and enjoying Thierry Germain’s wines.

  • Exclusive services (optionnal)

    Exclusive range of services for this week-end:
    - Transport and on-site guide

Options you can add to your trip

Exclusive wine corresponding to the four seasons from the perspective of a wine grower:

  • Autmn / Winter - Harvest and wine-making process
  • Winter - Working in the vineyard
  • Spring - Blending time
  • Summer - The flowering season

Customize your trip:

  • Overnight stay with dinner
  • Transport and on-site guide


  • Château Soucherie
    Château Soucherie

    The Château Soucherie is above all a man’s conviction, Roger-François Béguinot, who invested to product great wines expressing the terroir...

    Learn more about Château Soucherie

Châteaux and wine estates

  • Thierry Germain from the Domaine des Roches Neuves

    Domaine des Roches Neuves - Thierry Germain

    Visiting Thierry Germain at the “Domaine des Roches Neuves” in Varrain helps you to understand that Saumur-Champigny Protected Designation of Origin can product wonderful wines. Since 1990…

    Learn more about Domaine des Roches Neuves - Saumur-Champigny


francis D.

beau sejour

L’accueil a ete partout remarquable.
L'hospitalite du chateau Soucherie egalement. Un vrai moment 2/3 h d'oenologie aurait ete appreciable.

(Anjou wine-tasting weekend - Note : 4/5)

Carole G.

Séjour de grande qualité

Mes parents sont revenus enchantés de ce week-end "Accords Parfaits par Olivier Poussier".
La prestation est de grande qualité, les acteurs (restaurateurs/viticulteurs/ taxi) de ce week-end ont tous été à l'écoute de nos parents. Ils ont été accueillis par des personnes très attentives à leurs moindres attentes....
Ils ont été ravis du domaine de la Soucherie, et les trois restaurants qu'ils ont dégustés était de très grande qualité....Le restaurant d'Angers étant exceptionnel.
En conclusion séjour exceptionnel avec des prestations haut de gammes.

(Anjou wine-tasting weekend - Note : 5/5)

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