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Rimbert Estate

1 Rue de l'Aire, 34360 Berlou

  • History of the Rimbert Estate

    Jean-Marie Rimbert has been running his estate with passion and generosity since 1996. “Sinking our teeth into life’s pleasures rather than drinking away our time” is the motto adopted by the estate. He is a winemaker who likes to share his savoir-faire, ideas, beliefs, his element of madness...and, above all, his emotions.

    The estate’s wine cellar, dating back to the turn of the century, preserves the authentic characteristics of the small cellars of the country’s hinterland. Built half underground in sandstone and Cessenon red brick, it enjoys natural climate control, which facilitates the production of excellent wine without the need for the most advanced technology.

    Domaine Rimbert
  • The wines of the Rimbert Estate

    At the foot of the Cévennes, in Berlou, The Haut-Languedoc Regional Nature Park stretches out across a natural setting in the heart of the scrubland. It is in this very place that the vines of the Rimbert Estate grow. 28 hectares of ancient vines located on steep plots known as “travers”. In 2000, Jean-Marie Rimbert decided to plant 7 hectares of young vines. These plots are the “property of the village” – 40 plots spread over a radius of 10km around the village, with a variety of soils, sun exposure, grapes and ages, allowing the production of various vintages.

  • Take part in oenological activities on the estate

    Jean-Marie Rimbert offers you tours of the estate and of his wine cellar, which is typical of the region, followed by a guided tasting. On the first floor of the cellar, one can admire the Universeule exhibition by Berlou: a small museum showing the winemaking tools of the region.

    Domaine Rimbert - Tour

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