• Domaine Clos Bagatelle - Saint-Chinian

Clos Bagatelle Estate

Route de Saint-Pons, 34360 Saint-Chinian

  • The history of Clos Bagatelle

    Since 1623, the Clos Bagatelle winery has been located at the heart of the Saint-Chinian vineyard. It has been handed down from mother to daughter for five generations. In the 1960s, Marie-Françoise and Henry Simon decided to replant the vines and to modernise the Clos’ wine cellar in order to offer wine lovers the quality of wine that we see today.

    Nowadays it is a brother-sister pair, Luc and Christine Simon, who manage the estate with that same passion for wine and the good life.

    Domaine Clos Bagatelle - Saint-Chinian - Wine corks
  • The wines of the estate

    The Clos Bagatelle winery is made up of four different soils: the La Lauze plots (the land found at the bottom of the valley), the Donnadieu plots (the land at the heart of the scrubland), the Assignan plots (excellent soil at an altitude of 250m) and finally the Saint-Jean de Minervois plots (a plateau of white pebbles dedicated to Muscat à Petits Grains). The estate also has three wineries: from a cask dating from the 18th century to 14 small concrete tanks from 2011, as well as the stainless steel tanks dating back to the 1980s, which allow good temperature control and the optimum level of hygiene.

  • Wine-tasting at the Clos Bagatelle

    Christine and Luc offer you tours of the estate followed by a guided tasting session.

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