• Domaine Bertrand-Bergé - Languedoc-Roussillon
  • Domaine Bertrand-Bergé - Languedoc-Roussillon - Vineyard

Domaine Bertrand-Bergé

38 Avenue du Roussillon, 11350 Paziols

  • History of the wine-estate

    Located between Languedoc and Roussilon, the Domaine Bertrand-Bergé has belonged to the Bertrand family since the 19th century and is located in Paziols, a small commune in the Aude. More than six generations have carried on the family tradition and worked on the property.

    Made up of 35 hectares of vines, the Domaine combines authenticity and exception and the members of the family strive to work with passion and humility in order to offer you exceptional and quality products.

    Domaine Bertrand-Bergé - Languedoc-Roussillon - Vines
  • Domaine Bertrand-Bergé wines

    The wines of the Domaine Bertrand-Bergé stand out for their complexity, precision and aromas that are both fresh and deep. The harvest is done by hand, the grains are carefully picked and then meticulously sorted in the cellar.

    The vinification is meticulous in order to guarantee you the best possible quality. Jérôme Bertrand, his wife and his sister are detail-oriented and supervise each stage of the production of their wines.

    In addition to wine production, the Domaine has embarked on the development of other products (olive oil, vinegars, truffles), reflections of a terroir and the know-how of the family. However, these products are still in production and therefore not available for sale. You will have to be a little patient before you can taste it!

    Domaine Bertrand-Bergé - Languedoc-Roussillon - Cellar
  • Wine tourism at the estate

    The Domaine Bertrand-Bergé is open during all the year. You can initiate yourself and come to visit the cellar, the barrel cellar (by appointment) and discover the vineyard. The winemakers of the Domaine will explain their job to you and will make you discover with passion the landscapes and the vineyards.

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