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Domaine à Lafitte

32110 Sion

  • The history of the Domaine "à Lafitte"

    Specializing in the distillation of the oldest brandy in France, the Domaine “à Lafitte” has seen three generations since 1945, always with the same passion. The Bachos family has perpetuated the tradition of this domain, sharing their know-how, their skill and thus making Armagnac "à Lafitte" an Armagnac of excellence very appreciated by amateurs and experts. Even if it is produced only in small quantities, this Armagnac has known how to make itself known and recognized beyond borders.

    The Domaine "à Lafitte" is a family house located in Sion in the Gers, in the heart of the country of L'Armagnac. The winegrowers of this area produce in the purest tradition an artisanal and authentic Bas Armagnac, characterized by subtle aromas and a unique and refined flavor.

    "Three generations of passionate have transmitted us their know-how, their love of the vines and manufacturing secrets of this wonderful drink. Like them, we keep on pursuing this quest for excellence with the objective of seducing Armagnac amateurs through exceptional vintages." Jean Philippe and Olga Bachos

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  • The Armagnacs

    Armagnac is the oldest wine brandy in France, produced according to ancestral know-how which includes 3 stages: wine-making, distillation and aging, stage which gives Armagnac additional complexity and sweetness.

    The Domaine "à Lafitte" specializes in the production of Bas-Armagnacs (Bas-Armagnac means that it is the lowest region geographically speaking, straddling the Landes and the Gers) vintages since its creation in 1945. “Because a vintage is proof of excellence and meticulous work from the producer."

    To produce these Armagnacs, the domain works mainly with Baco (hybrid grape variety resulting from the mixture between Folle Blanche and Noah) which gives the spirits roundness, sweetness and aromas of ripe fruit, particularly after long aging; and with Ugni Blanc, the distillation grape par excellence that produces acidic, low-alcoholic wines, and which after distillation produces fine and quality brandies.

    The range of Armagnac produced by the Domaine "à Lafitte" is simply exceptional and very rich. When you taste the different vintages, you will discover all the subtleties of the flavors that have developed over the years. A variation of notes which reveals tastes such as prunes, nuts, cocoa, etc.

    The Armagnacs are available in a bottle box and some vintages in a carafe. The preparation of the products is done by hand. All bottles are sealed with wax with the domain seal, which reinforces the uniqueness and elegance of the Armagnac "à Lafitte".

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