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Château de Mercuès

Rue du Château, 46090 Mercuès

  • Stay at Château de Mercuès

    Nestled on its hillside, overlooking the Lot valley and its vineyards of Cahors, this 13th-century castle will make you enjoy the richness of its history. Formerly the summer residence of the Counts Bishops of Cahors, it fulfilled its role during the Hundred Years War and the Wars of Religions, during which it was invested, plundered and burnt.

    After several passes, abandonments and renovations, Georges Vigouroux, winemaker in Cahors, attracted and seduced by this exceptional place became the new owner in 1983; He undertook enormous reconstruction work to restore Mercuès to his nobility, and to integrate again the prestigious circle of Relais & Châteaux.

    Stay at Château de Mercuès
  • Restaurants and rooms of the Château

    This magnificent medieval castle, which is also a vineyard estate, offers you today to stay in one of their 24 rooms, divided into several categories, and their 6 suites as luxurious as unusual, all with an impregnable view on the vineyard of The valley or on the garden of the property.

    Concerning its food offerings, you must know that Château de Mercuès has two restaurants, both led by their chef Julien Poisot: "Le Bistrot du Château" which offers you the opportunity to have lunch on the terrace with a view overlooking the Vallée du Lot and the gourmet restaurant "Le Duèze" which offers a selection of exceptional products, subtle variations and marriages of bold flavors. The chef Julien Poisot finds his inspiration among local producers and his table has acquired an international reputation for the wonders he concocts with the black truffles of Lalbenque, saffron and Quercy lamb. His card is based on the great wines of Malbec and the vintage produced and raised in the château, because before becoming owner, Mr. Vigouroux is the winemaker.

    Château de Mercuès - Cahors - Bedroom
  • Wines specificities and wine activities at the property

    This magnificent establishment is also dedicated to the making and aging of exceptional wines. Indeed, Georges Vigouroux understood when he decided to buy the Château Mercuès, that the vineyard on which it was implanted had great riches: it is located along the river Lot, on its magnificent meanders and slopes which serve as Grape thermal regulator; and its situation between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean gives it precipitation and humidity levels optimal for the quality of the vines.
    This passionate winegrower worked to restructure the vineyard on the surrounding gravelly hillsides, in the municipalities of Caillac and Mercuès, and to replant Malbec grapes with the plots of vines grown on this clay-limestone soil ideal for growing vines. Alongside the 32-hectare vineyard, he undertook the construction of a monumental winemaking and underground aging cellar under the château's gardens: a grandiose achievement often compared to the Château Lafite cellar.
    The characteristic of Château de Mercuès is the choice of a very high planting density, since to date, more than 50% of the vineyard is planted at 6666 feet / hectare (65% more than the local norm), making Mercuès Castle the narrowest plantation of all the Appellation.

    During your stay in this "Cru Hôtel", you will be able to visit its famous winery, dug out of the rock under the gardens of the château and you will have the opportunity to taste some great cuvées of Malbec, specialty of the estate.

    Château de Mercuès - Cahors - Cellar

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