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Mas de Cadenet

D57, 13530 Trets

  • History of the Mas de Cadenet

    It all started in 1813 when the Negrel family, pioneers in the wine sector, settled at the foot of the very famous Sainte-Victoire mountain, over 1000m high, which welcomes landscape-loving tourists every year. The proximity of the 60-hectare vineyard means that it is located at an altitude of more than 250m, a plot classified AOP Sainte-Victoire. A minimal remaining part is also classified as a protected designation of origin Côtes-de-Provence.

    Currently the seventh generation of the Negrel family is committed to transmitting the heritage of their ancestors, while evolving in the spirit of the times through organic farming. The climatic factors that make the soil dry, resulting in a lower than average yield, and the Negrel family has chosen to favor quality over quantity.

    Mas de Cadenet - Provence
  • Cuvées from the Provençal estate

    These are organic, rich and structured wines offered by our winegrowers. Their production consists of 60% rosé, 30% red, and 10% white. Rolle, Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault represent the main grape varieties of the estate. Matthieu, Maud and Guy offer you 3 ranges of wines, each made up of 3 wines, so that each color is represented:

    The cuvée “échappée belle”

    Their entry-level AOP Côtes de Provence offers you a Rosé 70% Cinsault, 20% Syrah and 10% Rolle, with a pale color and floral and fruity aromas, for a note of freshness that will not leave you indifferent. The blend of white (80% Rolle and 20% Ugni-blanc) gives it an exotic and fresh aromatic register with its aromas of fruits and white flowers. A perfect range for picnics and summer meals. Close your eyes and listen to the song of the cicadas!

    The Mas de Cadenet cuvée

    An eponymous cuvée that elegantly delivers the character of the Mas de Cadenet estate with its fruity and floral balance: 50% Grenache, 40% Cinsault, 10% Syrah. The owners have chosen a single varietal for the white wine made from the Rolle grape variety, which reveals a more exotic nose. Real wines appreciated at the table, whose reputation is second to none!

    The cuvée “Grande gamme”

    Appreciated by the greatest chefs, these wines adorn the tables of gourmet restaurants, to the delight of customers. The large rosé range reflects the aromatic elegance of Grenache (70%) and Syrah (30%), the large white range is the pure expression of the Rolle grape variety. And the Grande Gamme Rouge, with its garnet-coloured velvet robe, is made from 60% Syrah / 40% Grenache.

    Mas de Cadenet - Provence - Wines
  • Visit and tasting at Mas de Cadenet Estate

    The Mas de Cadenet estate welcomes you for a visit that immerses you in its history, its choice of culture, its winemaking methods, its tools, and ends with a tasting of the estate's wines. For lovers of vines, the estate offers a walk in the vineyards. It is also possible to visit the site through a fun visit in the form of treasure hunts for the more adventurous.

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