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Domaine Lou Capelan

1480 Chemin de Cuges, 83740 La Cadière-d'Azur

  • At the beginning...

    The Domaine Lou Capelan is a family business which extends over the Communes of Cadière d´Azur and Le Castellet. The Domaine has several drop-off points: the "Le Mas des Figuiers" sales and tasting cellar is located in Brûlat du Castellet and another outlet in the Chai since June 2014 at Cadière d'Azur: the Domaine Lou Capelan.

    The history of the Domaine dates back to 1934, when the Silvestri family, coming from Italy, settled in Brûlat du Castellet to cultivate the vine. The Domaine is a family affair whose know-how and love for the Earth has been passed down from father to son.

    The estate originally had only 4 hectares of vines. In 1996, the son Silvestri bought the farm and refurbished it. He produced his first red bandol in 2000, one of which was produced in honor of his father and will bear his name. Since this time, the Domaine has grown steadily and now has 43 hectares of vines.

    Domaine Lou Capelan - Provence
  • Lou capelan wines

    The Domaine produces Bandol and Vins de Pays wines in three colors: Red, Rosé and White. Grown on poorly fertile limestone soil balanced by the humidity of the sea air and little rain, the grapes retain all their aromas and the richness of their flavors. In addition, thanks to its 3000 hours of sunshine per year and its microclimate, the terroir of Bandol wines benefits from a real sweetness conducive to the production of exceptional wines.

    The harvest is done by hand, which is an obligation of the specifications for Bandol wines, the harvesting machine is prohibited. The grapes of Vins de Pays are also harvested by hand at the Domaine.

    In Bandol, mourvèdre is the main grape variety. Harvested at the beginning of October at late maturity, this grape reveals powerful tannins and makes it possible to produce extraordinary aging wines and brings original and complex aromas to the wines. The Bandol Rouges contain from 75% to 80% of mourvèdre depending on the cuvées and rosés from 35 to 45%.

    A great range of Vin de Pays are produced at Domaine Lou Capelan. You can have fruity wines with Pays du Var wines or drier wines with Vins de Pays du Mont Caume.

    Domaine Lou Capelan - Provence - Wines
  • Wine tourisme at the Lou Capelan Estate

    When you come to the Domaine Capelan, you will start with a 30-minute tour explaining the whole process of wine making. Then, you will continue with a commented tasting of the different local and Bandol wines offered by the Domaine.

    Domaine Lou Capelan - Provence - Wine tourism

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