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  • Château Lafoux - Wine estate in Tourves, Provence

Château Lafoux

RN 7, Le, Boulon, 83170 Tourves

  • The owners of the Château and their team

    Yvon and Claudine BOISDRON, happy owners of Château Lafoux since 2001, have been committed for more than 20 years to transmitting their passion and creating exceptional wines. At the heart of the Lafoux estate, so called in homage to the source that feeds the town of Tourves and the Château de Valvelle, they have surrounded themselves with Lionel BOISSEZON, cellar master, who oversees the aging of the wine from harvest to bottling, by Karine BOISSEZON, daughter of winegrowers and head of the cellar.

    To this team are also added Pierre GUERRIN, consultant-oenologist, who brings a new eye to each vintage, Stéphane VINCENS, the second in cultivation, for whom the vineyard no longer holds any secrets, Yoann THIBAULT, agricultural worker as well as Alberto, speaker. Pauline MONGEON completes the team, with her status as sommelier at Château Lafoux.

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  • The wines of the estate

    Château Lafoux is ideally located in the heart of 'Green Provence'. Spread over 166 hectares, including 30 of vines, the diversity of grape varieties planted offers a range of choices when blending the wines: Grenaches, Cinsault, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rolle and Uni Blanc.

    Their first cuvée, called VINICIUS, is a meticulous blend of Cinsault-Grenache and Rolle which defines the identity of their rosé. To this cuvée are also added a clear, almost translucent white born from a selection of Rolle and Clairette as well as an expressive and complex red reaching 14.5 degrees.

    The second cuvée, entitled 'Auguste', brings together the aromatic elegance of rosé, the delicacy of the local terroir through the white and the expression of the noble grape varieties in the red wine.

    The ultimate cuvée, the Château cuvée is made up of a fruity Cinsault-Grenache rosé, a fresh and floral Rolle and Clairette white as well as a red from Syrah, Cabernet and Grenache grapes. These 3 wines alone represent Provençal viniculture.

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  • Wine tourism activity at Château Lafoux

    Meet passionate and fascinating hosts, and explore the hillsides to discover Château Lafoux. The sales and tasting cellar awaits you to discover the latest vintages.

    Walkers on foot or on horseback, you will be transported by the charm of the place, and the welcome of Yvon and Claudine. Educational visits are offered for a gentle approach to wine.

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