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Château de Pizay

443, route du Château, 69220 Saint-Jean-d'Ardières

  • Story of the "Chateau de Pizay"

    The Castle of Pizay, is located is the town « Saint-Jean D’ardrières Morgon ». It’s been classified as an « Historical monument » since 1972.

    Some parts of the castle are officially protected, such as the donjon, the tower or the roof. The French garden is also noticeable since it has been created by André Le Nôtre himself in 1692.

    Château de Pizay - Beaujolais - Hotel
  • The services of the castle

    The castle is now a four stars’ hotel, but it hasn’t lost any of its charm and authenticity. The establishment has 48 duplex suites and 14 rooms.

    The spa

    The Castle of Pizay also has a great wellness centre. Indeed, it has received in 2016 the #1 price in the category ‘Trophy of French Hotel Spas’. In addition to its quality, the main aspect that make the spa so unique is the diversity of the services it offers: Hammam, Sauna, Waterfall-Showers, Ice fountains, cold water pool, eastern exfoliation, jacuzzi… You can also enjoy the amazing view on the vineyard from the swimming pool.

    The restaurant

    The gastronomic restaurant will gladly welcome you, for a modern cooking with the best products of the region. And of course, you can choose among the great wine cellar to find the perfect wine with your meal.

    The Œnothèque

    In addition to the classic services a hotel can offer, the Castle of Pizay also has an “Œnothèque”: a museum dedicated to initiation and discovery of the different wines of the estate. While in the castle, you can choose one of the 8 playful visits for introduction to oenologie, you can also wander around the “discovery / tasting” area whilst admiring the view on the French garden.

    Château de Pizay - Beaujolais - Wine bar

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