Domaine du Château de la Valette

21, Route de St Georges, 69220 Charentay

  • History of the estate

    Isabelle and Jean-Pierre Crespin, owners and wine growers since 1984, invite you to discover their estate, deep in the heart of the Beaujolais, at the foot of Mont Brouilly. Today in Charentay they run 14 ha of vines and produce different appellations, by taking special and constant care of maintenance on their estate and of the production of their different vintages, all from the Gamay Noir à jus blanc, a very old grape variety.
    The vines owned by Isabelle and Jean-Pierre are, on average, 60 years old. The traditional Beaujolais wine-making process gives their wines the distinctive quality of the region. To conserve the quality of the grapes, the harvest is carried out by hand. The grapes are separated directly on the vine and when they arrive at the vat room on a sorting belt. Their wine-making process remains traditional, the alcoholic fermentation is checked in the mornings and evenings, the harvested grapes are cooled before pressing in order to emphasise the aromas of the fruit.

  • Wines from the Domaine du Château de la Valette

    During your tasting at the property, discover the different wines of the domain, from the Côte de Brouilly to the Cuvée Viking (made the old way), trying the red, rosé and white Beaujolais wines.

  • Visists and tastings at the estate

    Isabelle and Jean-Pierre will welcome you on any day, by appointment, for a visit of their estate, vines and cask room, followed by a tasting of their different vintages in the cellar. It is an opportunity to discover the variety of Beaujolais appellations.

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