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Domaine de Grangeneuve

26230 Roussas

  • A brief history...

    It’s in the "Drôme provençale", in the heart of the AOC Grignan les Adhémar, that the BOUR family, winemakers since several generations, decided to settle in 1974. Their son Henri took over the vineyard in 1998, focusing on the development of the breeding of reds in oak barrels, the planting of white grape varieties and the establishment of a complete range of wines including the Côtes du Rhône.

    Today, the third generation of the Grangeneuve vineyard, Nathalie and her husband; Gilles Hecquet take over the business.

    Domaine de Grangeneuve
  • Wines from the Grangeneuve Estate

    The Grangeneuve vineyard by its exceptional location, at the gates of the Drôme Provençale, is rocked by the freshness of the North and the sunshine of the South. This gives a certain specificity to the wines of the Domain The wines of the Grangeneuve Estate are part of the menu of very beautiful establishments including many starred restaurants. In particular, thanks to a constant search for the improvements in quality.

    The estate practises a sustainable vine cultivation with grape harvests carried out at perfect maturity according to the objectives of each vintage and of careful and precise vinifications in order to show off each grape. Vinifications takes place plot by plot and by grape variety and with an adaptation to the potential of each vineyard and to the objectives set for each vintage.

    Domaine de Grangeneuve - Cellar
  • Wine tourism at the Grangeneuve estate

    You will share a moment of exchange with the sommelier of the vineyard, you will discover the different vintages in more detail including the AOC Grignan-Les-Adhémar. You will be offered the privilege to take part in a wine tasting session, sat down in a room provided for this purpose. The tasting, accompanied by a few toasts, will be regarding three themes which are the following: « Les incontournables » (the show-stoppers), « Nos vins «Plaisir» (our "pleasure" wines), « Le savoir-faire de Grangeneuve » (the Grangeneuve's know-how).

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