Domaine des Gravennes

2933 Route de Baume, 26790 Suze-la-Rousse

  • Story behind the Gravennes Estate

    It is in Suze la Rousse, in the heart of the Rhône valley that the Gravennes Vineyard was born. Luc and Rémi, the fourth generation, are independent winegrowers. Since 2011, they have been at the head of the vineyard. While have perpetuated family history, they respect their common values: protection of the territory and its environment, conviviality, constant search for balance and elegance.

  • Wines of the the Gravennes Estate

    The Gravennes wines are made using seven grape varieties. For fine, round and structured red wines, these are the grape varieties used: Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre. While we typically have white wines from the Rhône valley, there’s also grape varieties such as grenache blanc, marsanne, roussane and viogner which are planted on sandy soils which bring finesse and freshness to the wines.

    Since 2011, the estate has placed biodynamics at the heart of its primary values. It has also implemented organic farming in the vineyards. Their values are pursued in the cellar and the estate prioritizes the use of indigenous yeast. Particular care is taken for the making of their wines.

  • Gravennes wine tours

    During your visit at the Gravennes Domaine, you will explore the estate in order to know all the secrets behind winemaking while also being respectful of nature. In addition, you will also share a pleasant moment with the winemaker who will communicate his passion and his know-how with you. The visit will end with a wine tasting session, you will be given the chance to taste 6 different wines from the estate.

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