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Château Gaudrelle

12 quai de la Loire, 37210 Rochecorbon

  • Château Gaudrelle's story

    Château Gaudrelle was built in the 17th century; it is located in the little town of Rochecorbon, on the right side of the Loire river.

    The wine estate was created in 1931 by Monmousseau family. Their wines are named Vouvray as a reference to the appellation system in France vineyard.

    Château Gaudrelle - Rochecorbon - Loire
  • Château Gaudrelle's wines

    The 50 acre-vineyard is made of chenin, with a great diversity of soils. This is the reason why wine-producing method can separate grapes if they grew on different soils. Château Gaudrelle only make Vouvray still and sparkling wines (dry, extra dry, sweet, very sweet).

  • Wine activities

    The Chateau Gaudrelle team provides vines tour, guided tasting, wine pairings activities and other exclusive wine activities.

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