• Jean-Baptiste Adam Estate - Alsace

Jean-Baptiste Adam Estate

5 Rue de l'Aigle, 68770 Ammerschwihr

  • Wine workshops at the Jean-Baptiste Adam Estate

    Discover biodynamics and the kaefferkopf grand cru!

    Without life in the soil, there cannot be any terroir effect? Inspired by ancient practices, biodynamics is a natural method influenced and measured by the rhythms of the earth and moon. Based on boosting the vitality and resistance of plants by improving the natural exchanges between the earth and roots, the sky and the leaves, it aims to enhance the “terroir” effect in the grapes and in turn, in the wine. Enjoy a comparative tasting at the Jean-Baptiste Adam estate and learn step-by-step how biodynamics relates to viticulture and its expression in the Kaefferkopf Grand Cru wines.

    Jean-Baptiste Adam Estate - Alsace - Wine tourism

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