• Vignoble Klur - Katzenthal

Klur Estate

105 Rue des Trois Épis, 68230 Katzenthal

  • The basics of biodynamics at the Klur Estate

    Never heard of Rudolf Steiner? No idea what silica preparation or cow horn manure might be used for? Don't worry: in the world of biodynamics, those who have chosen to tread this fascinating path and discover the mysteries of life force are more than happy to share their knowledge.

    Francine and Clément Klur made the choice to farm their vines according to organic methods more than 15 years ago. Brimming over with ideas and energy, they have created a highly entertaining workshop experience to explain what they do, and to give their visitors a humorous insight into this way of working.

    Vignoble Klur - Katzenthal - Alsace

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