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Kuehn Estate

3 Grand Rue, 68770 Ammerschwihr

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    Alsace is a region steeped in history and marked by two World Wars, and Ammerschwihr was the scene of great tragedy (more than 85% of the town was destroyed during the Second World War). Now rebuilt, this charming small town on the Route des Vins is home to many treasures, hidden behind its ramparts...

    History fan Francis Klee (enologist at domaine Kuehn) will be your guide, leading you through the narrow streets and vineyard paths on a tour that tells the story of Ammerschwihr. Back at the domaine, you'll descend seven metres below ground to visit the Caves de l'Enfer (the Cellars of Hell), for an informative, candle-lit tasting of the Kaefferkopf Grand Cru wines of which the village is rightly proud.

    Visit the Kuehn Estate

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