• Domaine Blanck Paul et Fils - Vineyard tour in Alsace
  • Domaine Blanck Paul et Fils - Alsace

Domaine Blanc Paul et Fils

32 Grand-Rue, 68240 Kientzheim

  • Wine workshops at the Paul Blanck et Fils Estate

    "Terroirs de grands crus"

    Winegrower Philippe Blanck will be your guide to the hillsides of Kientzheim and his family vineyards, sharing his insider knowledge of the ancient landscapes and terroirs, fashioned in turn by the winegrowers who nurture the Grands Crus. A comparative tasting of Grands Crus wines will reveal the influence that different soil types can have on the character, flavours and aromas of a wine.

    Qi gong in the vines

    Qi Gong adept Philippe Blanck comes from a long line of winegrowers; he will welcome you to the Kientzheim hillsides and their dazzling vineyard views for an introductory lesson in Qi Gong, an ancient Chinese practice based on the knowledge and mastery of vital energy. Wine tasting becomes a richer experience thanks to new-found calm and tranquility, a supple body and deep breathing; what better way to appreciate the energy of the Grands Crus terroir in your glass?

    Wine workshops at the Paul Blanck et Fils Estate

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