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Les Avisés

59 Rue de Cramant, 51190 Avize

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    Corinne and Anselme Selosse have renovated the neoclassical buildings of the old Champagne house to create a “family home” that is welcoming and open to everyone. The result is a contemporary and elegant feel, personalised by objects and pieces of furniture that are more classical in style.

    The bedrooms, which overlook the park and the vineyards, are very comfortable and are decorated in pretty, grey hues. The spacious bathrooms all have a large Italian style showers, some with bathtubs. Prost, tchin tchin, gambaï… The rooms are named after ways of saying ‘cheers’ in different languages. Anselme and Corinne Selosse wanted to create a particular atmosphere in a house that has been designed for sharing happy moments.

    Hotel Les Avisés - Champagne - Restaurant
  • Gastronomic dinner at the restaurant

    Regarding gastronomy, you will have the privilege of tasting the cuisine of chef Stéphane Rossillon (former second chef to Anne-Sophie Pic) and his wife Nathalie. They have created a menu using local produce: Rethel white pudding with a green anis vinaigrette, carpaccio of scallops drizzled with peppermint oil, roasted calf sweetbread sprinkled with grated liquorice instead of pepper…

    In the restaurant, you will be able to choose whether to dine at classic tables or a large, central guest table, for those who are dining with friends, whilst tasting Anselme’s best vintages!

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