Château de Fère

Route de Fismes, 2130 Fère-en-Tardenois

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    The 5-star Chateau de Fere Hotel offers luxury boutique and luxury hotel in the heart of a remarkable historical site. Chateau de Fere-en-Tardenois was built in 1206 on the initiative of Count Robert de Dreux, grand-son of Louis VI Le Gros, King of France (1081-1137). This place was completely demolished in 1533 with the exception of seven towers and the front door, only to be rebuilt quickly by Anne de Montmorency. Jean Bullant, the contractor built a viaduct consisting of five arches resting on rectangular pillars, on the moat surrounding it. Jean Goujon is itself master of another feature of this remarkable place, a monumental entrance gate at the top of a bridge, built in 1539, listed building.
    Part of the building was converted into a Modern Castle in 1863 and then Hostellerie. This castle is one of the first in France to have been converted into luxury hotel in 1956.
    5-star hotel offers guests a gourmet restaurant, the "Hana" Spa, a bar, two meeting rooms and a park 70 hectares, for authentic holidays under the sign of the art of living. Chef Philippe Collinet adds a touch of delicacy in offering fine traditional and revisited with a personal signature cuisine.

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