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Champagne Le Gallais

2 Rue Maurice Gilbert, 51480 Boursault

  • History of the Champagne Le Gallais House

    The Le Gallais estate is located in the village of Boursault, a few kilometers from Épernay, in the heart of the Marne valley. Its history begins in 1927 when Hachod Fringhian, the ancestor of Charlotte Morgain Le Gallais, acquired the Boursault estate, which had once belonged to Madame Veuve Clicquot. The latter had the Château de Boursault erected there in 1843 and her great-granddaughter, the Duchess of Uzes, separated from the estate in 1913.
    5 generations later, Charlotte operates part of the estate: 7 plots with their own characteristics, in the family estate, overlooking the Marne valley.
    The press, cellars and cellars are also located in the clos, a few hundred meters from the most distant plot, which guarantees great freshness of the fruit at the time of pressing and processing.

    Champagne Le Gallais - Marne Valley
  • The champagnes of Le Gallais

    Le Gallais champagnes are the reflection of a preserved terroir and authentic and careful gestures.

    Each cuvée tells a story: that of a plot, that of a blend, that of a particular year, that of an ancestral gesture... And all these stories come from the same vineyard and are written by a terroir, passionate men and women.

    Champagne Le Gallais - Champagnes from the Maison
  • Visits and tastings at the wine estate

    You are welcomed at the estate for a guided tour of the cellars followed by a tasting of several vintages of the property's wines. You also have the opportunity to discover champagne in a different way, during various workshops: the Champagne nose workshop, the Champagne & Cheese pairing workshop, the 100% wine masterclass or even a sabrage workshop.

    Champagne Le Gallais - Wine tourism

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