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Champagne Mercier

68 Av. de Champagne, 51200 Épernay

  • History of Maison Mercier

    Located in the heart of the Avenue de Champagne in Epernay, the history of Mercier champagne began during the reign of Napoleon III. Eugène Mercier, aged 20, founded his own House and revolutionized the world of champagne. Its goal was to make champagne more accessible (until then it had been reserved for the elite). He launched a communication campaign in the 19th century: advertising film with the Lumière Brothers, selling advertising objects, and grandiose tastings of Champagne Mercier during the Universal Exhibitions.

    In 1871, Eugène Mercier began the construction of the 18 kilometers of cellars. Designed and decorated to impress the visitor, the Mercier cellars remain to this day among the most visited in Champagne with more than 100,000 visitors per year.

    The giant barrel is surely one of the most surprising discovery of the Champagne Mercier tour. Intended for blending, the barrel built by Eugène Mercier is the largest in the world. He even exhibited it at the Universal Exhibition of 1889 in Paris and won the second prize of the exhibition, the first being awarded to the Eiffel Tower!

    Maison Mercier - Champagne - Train
  • The Mercier champagnes

    Fresh, fruity, intense, spontaneous, Mercier champagnes are available in brut, brut rosé, demi-sec, brut reserve or even blanc de noir.

  • Mercier cellars tour

    VYou will discover the Mercier cellars 30 meters under the chalky soil of Epernay.

    On board the little train, explore part of the 18 km of cellars, witnesses of the unique history of the Mercier house.

    You will taste the Mercier champagne after the tour.

    Maison Mercier - Champagne - Tour

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