The Southwestern Wine Trail

The South West and its wine-growing regions

The region is home to some of France’s oldest wine regions.  The wine growers and their vineyards were ruled from Bordeaux, which restricted their ability to trade as trade routes from Bordeaux to northern Europe were given precedence.  The arrival of road and rail networks allowed the wines of the south west to earn a late but well-deserved recognition of the south west’s high-end wines.  The region is a veritable museum of grape varieties from the past.

Weekend on the South West wine route

Our selection of routes

The Cahors Trail

Starting in the beautiful town of Cahors, which has a cathedral that is well worth a visit in its own right, you will follow a route that offers stunning views over the River Lot, moving on to Parnac where the winemaking cooperative of the Côtes-d'Olt triggered the renewal of Cahors wines.  Cambayrac, Albas, Grézels, Puy-l'Evêque (where you should taste the Clos Triguedina) are next, followed by Luzech and Caillac, home to the Château Lagrézette which produces some prestigious vintage wines.

The Jurançon Route, departing from Pau and covering 55 kilometres

Don’t miss a visit to this beautiful town.  At Pierre Saubot’s property in Artiguelouve you’ll have the opportunity to savour an excellent Jurançon, a sweet, medium-dry or dry white wine. That is followed by Laroin, La chapelle-de-Rousse, Gan with its winemaking cooperative, and Lasseube. You’ll finish the route at Monein with its Jurançon fraternity.

Route des vins du Sud-Ouest

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