The Rhone Valley Wine Trail

Explore the Rhone Valley Wine Trail

The flowing waters of the Rhone will be your guide: from Vienne to Valence for the northern part and from Montélimar to Avignon in the south. You’ll cross between two distinct geographies, the first marked by steep, south-facing hillsides and a continental climate, while in the second vines grow in drier soil, surrounded by olive trees and lavender.

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The Rhone Valley Wine Trail between Vienne and Valence

By following this route, you’ll cover a distance of 100 kilometres, departing from the Roman city of Vienne. Ampuis, capital of the prestigious Côte-rôtie wine, will be the first variety that you encounter as you head along the Rhone’s right bank.  These vineyards, perched on incredibly steep inclines, are the oldest in the Roman province of Gaul. Your route will then take you to Condrieu, home to an excellent white wine that is produced from a single grape variety, namely viognier.  Head south along the Route Nationale 86, which takes you to St Michel du Rhône, home to the Château-Grillet appellation, a white wine made from the viognier grape. Château-Grillet is one of France’s rarest appellations as it is produced only on a single property with just one tenant, over an area of only 3.5 hectares.

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