• Clos de Bourgogne - Wine specialist

Clos de Bourgogne

2 impasse de la Poulotte, 21160 Couchey

  • Clos de Bourgogne's history

    Sandrine and André Lanaud are oenology and soil trainers, professional wine tasters and Burgundy wine enthusiasts.  They founded the Clos de Bourgogne in 2007 to teach you all about Burgundy wine and climate in a fun manner.  This facility also offers wine-tasting sessions, advice and the sale of wine.

    Clos de Bourgogne - Cellar
  • Oenological activities on offer

    Clos de Bourgogne offers numerous walks and workshops, so that you can absorb the Burgundian climate in as authentic a way as possible.  In a manner combining pleasure and knowledge, Sandrine and André will take up your further oenological training wherever you left off.  There are various workshops, internships or training programmes on offer to help you discover how to match a dish to a wine, geo-sensorial wine-tasting, the art of wine-tasting, the role of the wine grower in the creation of wines...

    Clos de Bourgogne - Vineyard guided tour

Week-end to discover Burgundy wines

Opinions on Clos de Bourgogne’s wine workshops

“Quality activities (Truffle centred workshop and lunch +++; Workshop around the vine and wine-tasting around Clos Vougeot with an oenologist +++++; wine-tasting on Manuel Olivier’s property +++++”
Christian F. 23/12/2015

“Sandrine, an experienced and passionate oenologist dragged us through the vines of Clos Vougeot, explaining and commenting to us the different complex and sometimes surprising, but always exciting tasks of the wine grower.”
Bernard P. 02/09/2015

“Every step of the way, we met passionate people and who know how to transmit their passion.”
M & N. 19/05/2014

“Sandrine and André Lanaud… a real pleasure for the welcome, the environment and the hospitality!  What’s more, the proposed guided tour of the vines was enriching and completely within grasp of a novice!”
Letang L. 13/05/2014

“Delighted by the choice of services: accommodation, restaurants, activities and visits.  Everywhere the welcome was warm and friendly.”
Gwenola G. 31/03/2014

“You must absolutely start with Mrs Lanaud’s introduction to wine-tasting (which is very interesting) in order to fully enjoy all subsequent wine-tasting sessions.”
Thierry D. 01/11/2014

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