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  • Maison Cabotte - Burgundy - Hotel
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  • Maison Cabotte - Burgundy - Beaune - Accommodation

Maison Cabotte

4 Av. de la Sabliere, 21200 Beaune

    • Maison Cabotte, hotel in Beaune

      The accommodation takes its name from the Cabottes, these old shelters made of dry stones or masonry stones that served as shelters for winegrowers in the Côtes de Nuits and Côtes de Beaune regions.

      The hotel welcomes you to the heart of Burgundy wine country, in Beaune, to explore the prestigious Burgundy vineyards nearby. It has air-conditioned rooms, a wine tasting area, a garden, a terrace, and more.

      Maison Cabotte - Bedroom

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