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Maison Rémy Martin

20 Rue de la Société Vinicole, 16100 Cognac

  • History of the Rémy Martin House

    The history of the family business dates back to 1724 when a young winemaker, Rémy Martin, began producing and selling cognacs. Little by little, the excellence of Rémy Martin's cognacs gained notoriety. First in France, then worldwide thanks to exports to Europe, America, and Asia.

    The commercial development of Rémy Martin has always gone hand in hand with the search for quality. In 1948, André Renauld, the president of the House since 1924, decided to use exclusively vintages from the Grande Champagne and Petit Champagne appellations for their production. Several labels were launched and met with great success due to the finesse and exclusivity of the product.

    Today, the vineyard continues to evolve in order to refine its production. Especially in development of environmental approach, which is reflected in its level 3 High Environmental Value (HVE) certification.

    Maison Rémy Martin - Cognac - History
  • Rémy Martin cognacs

    The Cognac terroir is characterized by rich limestone soils and the influence of ocean winds. Rémy Martin's cognacs are made exclusively from Grand and Petit Champage, which cover approximately 28,400 hectares.  The wine to be distilled to make this eau de vie is mainly from white grapes (Ugni Blanc), which allows the production of a wine with a high acidity and low alcohol content.

    You will find several brands in their collection, from the most emblematic such as VSOP or Rémy Martin XO to the most prestigious cognacs such as Louis XIII. Today, the cognacs of the House of Rémy Martin are recognized worldwide for their quality and excellence.

    Maison Rémy Martin - Cellars
  • Visit and tasting tour at the Maison Rémy Martin

    The Maison Rémy Martin welcomes you to their estate and proposes several activities to satisfy your curiosity and stimulate your creativity around Cognac.

    You will find visits to discover the essentials of the production of this exceptional drink, gourmet workshops with lunch, ...

    Or you car even participate unique workshops such as cocktail creations!

    Maison Rémy Martin - Cognac - Wine tourism

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