Château Cos Labory

Château Cos Labory, 33180 Saint-Estèphe

  • History and Wines of the Château Cos Labory

    The name of Château Cos Labory comes from its location on the hill of Cos, a gravelly soil Günziennes on marl, and the name of one of its owners until 1845, François Labory. The estate was sold then successively to Mr d’Estournel,the banker Charles Martyns and Georges Weber, only to be possessed to this day by the Audoy family from 1959. The property Andron Blanquet acquired in 1971, is currently being directed by Bernard Audoy, passionate and always lived in Saint Estèphe.
    The planting of this area of 18 hectares is comprised primarily of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and some Cabernet Franc. Château Cos Labory was ranked fifth in 1855 Grand Cru.

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