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Château du Payre

13 Le Vic, 33410 Cardan

  • The story of Château du Payre

    The history of the Du Payre Castle is somehow a little unusual, or at least the history of the inheritance of the Castle. Indeed, unlike most of the estates, this property has been passed by from mother to daughter for five generations. It took over 130 years to the Du Payre Castle to become what it is today. Since 1881, it’s throughout the different weddings and acquisitions that the estate slowly grew into such a great property. The Castle is located only half an hour away from Bordeaux in a town called Cadran. The establishment is made of 35 hectares and is part of the “Cadillac Côte de Bordeaux” designation.

    Château du Payre - Bordeaux region
  • Room and table in the castle

    You can spend the night in one of the four amazing rooms of the castle named after different grape variety (Merlot, Sauvignon, Muscadelle et Sémillion) and cunningly decorated. Resource yourself in this authentic and refined house, you can also enjoy a walk in the park where you will be able to admire the view. In the evening, join the house table, in the gorgeous dining room, to appreciate a great meal in a warm atmosphere.

    Château du Payre - Bordeaux - Guest house
  • Wines and activities in Château du Payre

    Du Payre Castle produces Crémants (white and rosé), but also white red and rosé wine. The soil of the estate has a different constitution depending on the plot, this particularity allows the castle to offer a large panel of different wine with a strong personality. You will be able to taste those unique wines , visit the property and learn many more things about the estate its history and its wine during one of the activity. In family or only between adults, many different activities are available in the castle.

    Du Payre Castle, it’s an history, a terroir, and a relaxing moment for everyone and every taste.

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Reviews of the guest house

"Very nice stay. We were very well received, beautiful house, good wine and good food. Perfect."
Marie-Claude C. 09/26/2016

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