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Château La Croizille

Baladoz, 33330 Saint-Laurent-des-Combes

  • The De Schepper family, owners of Château La Croizille

    It was in the mid-1900s that the De Schepper family moved to Château Tour Baladoz, not far from Château La Croizille. The family bought the Château La Croizille in 1996.

    The Baladoz and La Croizille wine-estates now belong to the same family. The De Schepper family produces an exceptional wine that respects the local terroir, while playing the card of modernity, like its innovative architecture.

    Château La Croizille - Cellars
  • Know-how and modernity

    The lower yield and the age of the vines, which are among the oldest in the vineyard, give La Croizille wine a unique personality.

    Each of the stages of vinification has been studied to extract the best from the grapes. From desuckering to stripping, the grapes are pampered by the chateau team. The technical installations have been rigorously thought out and play the card of modernity by opting for cutting-edge technologies.

    With the construction of a new cellar in 2012, the De Schepper family opened a new chapter in the history of the château.

    Château La Croizille - Wines
  • Wine tourism and awards

    Château La Croizille has been open to wine tourism for 10 years now. Building on its success, it has been rewarded with 2 Best of Wine Tourism trophies, including the 2015 International Gold Trophy. The estate also has a panoramic room to admire the surrounding vineyards.

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