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Château Siaurac

Château Siaurac, 33500 Néac

  • History of the Château Siaurac

    Located on the eastern bank of the Bordeaux, between Saint-Emilion and Pomerol, Chateau Siaurac and Co had been in the same family since 1832. In 2014, the Artemis Group bought this prestigious wine-estate.

    The building itself is at the end of a magnificent pathway lined with 100-year-old trees. Its extraordinary architectural and natural legacy, including a 15-hectare park designed in the 15th century, will definitely impress you.

    Between Saint-Emilion and Pomerol - Chateau Siaurac and Co
  • Wines produced by the Estate

    The production of wines of Chateau Siaurac and Co has been certified as sustainable agriculture since 2009. The 3 wines stand out with their fruity flavour, brought on by the Merlot grape as well as the depth of flavours with the Cabernet Franc, pleasant to drink when young.
    The wines nevertheless retain their full flavour for 15 – 30 years:
    - Siaurac Chateau: The largest estate of the Lalande de Pomerol area, boasting 46 hectares of gravel and clay soil, the grape varieties are composed of 72% Merlot, 22% Cabernet Franc and 8% Malbec;
    - Cray Croix de Gray Chateau: Precious little marvel of the Pomerol area, consisting of 3.67 hectares located in the heart of the Pomerol plateau, next to Petrus and containing 80% of Merlot plants and 20% of Cabernet Franc;
    - La Prieuré Chateau: Produces wines that age extremely well; 6.25 hectares of land on a calcareous plateau with a Southern exposure with 80% Merlot and 20% of Cabernet Franc

    Château Siaurac - Wine estate
  • Private tours

    The Siaurac Chateau offers private tours of the grounds and luxurious gardens as well as different activities related to the wines of the Eastern bank of Bordeaux:
    - Wine Blending Session: To discover the secrets of how a Bordeaux wine is artfully blended;
    - How to Live with Wine: All you need to know about how to taste, serve and store Bordeaux wines, with tips and advice from the sommeliers of Bordeaux.

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Reviews of the Chateau Siaurac and Co

“Wonderful stay! We would like to thank you for organising such a magnificent top-notch stay!
Dominique S. 03/06/2014

“We were treated like royalty at the Siaurac Chateau, with the excellent market menu. The highlight of our stay was baron coming into the room to tell the personnel not to forget to serve us the foie gras stuffed figs in the fridge or holding a platter of delicious cheese telling us to try it…incredible welcome…”
Isabelle C. 31/10/2014

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